Monday, February 27, 2012

wealth of another kind

i am rich. i have 3 amazing children; many good friends, old and new; family who love and care for me; and a lifetime of memories to unfold and be made through modes of communication and experience.

monday night, the kids and i had dinner with some dear friends. [to find out more about them, go here.] my former colleague and her husband hosted us with good food and great conversation. then, she asked me if i had read "one thousand gifts" by ann voskamp.
i hadn't, so she promptly put it in my hands and then proceeded to say "take it; read it; it's... amazing."

she was right. i tearfully read through the first 5 pages totally relating to the words she was writing. i think this book will be a recommendation to all. and i pray that the good Lord will help me to write with such beauty and fluidity.

you can also visit ann voskamp's blog here.

Friday, February 10, 2012

celebrating a life

today would have been Brian's 43rd birthday. he was born on the 40th day of the year and died at age 40.

we celebrated him today by visiting a fun pizza joint that wasn't the one with the little rat -- the last place the kids and i had fun with him and saw him smile. that place is too painful. it's time for something new... different.

i wanted to keep my kids close today. hug them a little more and help fill their love banks full. going to this place helped to do that because it was not dissimilar to that other joint. remember... don't completely replay. we went there with good friends, ones who had great spiritual influence on him in those literal last days. Avery was able to be with a friend who would listen. what a gift.

McKenna played a few games where one can win some tickets. she won... boy, did she win! she hit the fisherman's jackpot with 1,000 tickets!

while there, i got a phone call from his dad. while watching a fishing show on tv, he noticed a rock jetty with a US flag... the breakwater at MdR -- the final resting place of the one we remembered today
what an incredible blessing for him being across the country & able only to "visit" Brian in his mind.

Ian talked matter-of-factly about his daddy being in heaven... his grampy, too; his bright blue eyes flashing the whole time he spoke along with that precious smile.

we also ran into Dennis and his daughters celebrating February birthdays as well. he officiated Brian's memorial service. this man & his family have blessed us beyond measure. this, too, was a gift.

what an intense day of memory. what an incredible way to celebrate.

my love, we miss you. we remember you. we love you.

i can hear you laugh...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Moved to tears by beauty

The girls &i witnessed the most beautiful opera piece performed this evening. Never have I been moved to tears by such a thing....


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Well, February has arrived. Made it through the holidays fairly unscathed. A few moments of complete breakdown due to sadness & some sad realizations, but overall it was a good season. January has seemed to fly by but not before stopping us in our tracks with illness.

All of us have been sick now for over a week & it's miserable. But it's becoming obvious to me that God wanted us to slow down, regroup, focus on Him & each other while living more intentionally in this life for the sake of the Kingdom. Without being able to go go go, I am having to slow slow slow.

I read Isaiah 40 & Psalm 16 today in my time with Jesus. I am encouraged!