Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The promise

The last week I have been feeling the intense effects of loneliness, so desiring a partner for this life and a father for my children. The 4th of July was difficult because it was one of B's favorite holidays -- he loved to blow stuff up! -- and I have so many good memories with him & our children on this day. But the past is no more. I must look ahead. But what do I see? No clear vision here...

After the 4th, I took Ian with me to the grocery store. While there, he started talking about Daddy and birthdays and events. At that moment I looked up & saw the very words you see in the photo here -- GodShall. I. Couldn't. Stop. Staring. My eyes were completely fixated on this obscure label on a random package of bacon staring me in the face.

At my exact eye level, there was no denying that this was a message from my Daddy in heaven, Abba Father God.

And this verse came clearly, as on a loudspeaker, in my mind and heart: "and my GodShall meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus our Lord." (edit intentional)

Yes! Yes, Lord! Yes! At the very moment I needed you, when my frustration was culminating from comment and question, you provided the answer. And it was immediate. No delay.

Though my heart longs, He knows my desires and knows what I need (& want!) on a most intimate level. When the time is right, it will happen.

I am thankful for a heavenly Father who loves me enough to even speak to me via bacon (which on my swype keypad makes the shape of a heart....) God is love.