Monday, March 15, 2010

My new job

Well, friends, I have a job. Just a part-time one and I can bring the kids with me and still homeschool... God has provided so abundantly and amazingly.... it's really quite overwhelming at times!

Well, I haven't even told you what the job is. I work on a farm. Yes, a farm! I can't hardly believe it myself. It's in Ontario, about 23 miles from my house. And what a fantastic place to work.

Reasons why it's fantastic:
1/ several amazing people work there and i get to hang out with them everyday. they have become friends.
2/ i get to be in the out of doors [with sun protection, of course] enjoying God's creation.
3/ i get to hang out with my kids and large groups of other kids while showing them all around the farm.
4/ i have had opportunities to milk a cow, wrangle a chicken or two, move a goat with horns from one pen to another [interesting!], harvest vegetables daily, take home farm fresh eggs and vegetables for my family's consumption, make friends with a cow, buy a sheep and hold newborn goats. Bixby the mare will be having her foal soon!
5/ activity on the farm stops roughly at noon so we can take time and acknowledge our great God for all he has given and taken away and made new.
6/ my kids can be kids.
7/ so much more...

learn more and see photos here:

it is just a wonderful opportunity. and i can see God connecting the dots with so many things... more on that later!

just know that i am praising God for his provision in my life here and now...


Thursday, March 4, 2010

makes "scents"...

i was at the post office today, standing in line to send some packages off to some friends. as i was standing there, i was taken aback... a familiar smell came and enveloeped me and the area where i was standing. it was Brian's cologne that i smelled, it's fragrance so intense and memory provoking that it knocked me into tears.

the night before Brian died, he dressed nicely, shaved himself clean and smelled heavenly in that cologne [no pun intended]. that smell did what i believe colognes were intended to do -- it made me crave him. well, what do you know if today that didn't just happen again. hello! i couldn't do anything but cry and try not to breathe for fear it would intensify my weeping.

it was the first time i smelled that smell outside of my bedroom since Brian died. i have his bottle of cologne in my room and i smell it sometimes. but i have never smelled it on anyone or anything outside of that room until today.

the sense of smell in so intense. it evokes so many memories.

what a day...